Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Floating Islands

After the killer climb in the Colaca Canyon, we hopped in yet another bus, that took us to PUNO, Peru.
This town is located on the north-west side of Lake Titicaca. Here´s where you´ll find the URO people... who live on man-made islands that float a few minutes away from Puno. It´s a real strange sight when you first see these islands... BUT it´s an even weirder feeling when you actualy step on them. These islands are made from the tall reeds and grass that grows all around these areas. The grass is cut, dried and woven to make large floating surfaces, on which the Uro people build their homes. These islands really do float. You feel that right from the first step. In some parts of the islands, the ground is so soft that you feel like your feet are gonna go right through, taking you with them to the bottom of the lake. The Uro people live mostly from fishing and whatever they manage to sell to the tourists.


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